I founded Prime in 2013 to help my family members collect their medical records and communicate with loved ones. The first version of the app launched for iPhone in late 2013 and originally supported only three hospitals. By the end of 2015 I had helped grow Prime to over 10,000 families using the app to collect their records from 95% of the major healthcare providers in the US.

Prime mission

My co-founders and I were tired of trying to collect our various health records and our extended families were spending many hours every week taking care of each other. Before Prime we primarily relied on pen & paper and legacy software.

JetBridge Wireframes

I designed a flow diagram for our ideal use case: an app that would keep users updated about their health automatically instead of relying on user entered data.

JetBridge Mockups

Prime worked via web scrapers to securely collect users’ medical records. I helped design the database which followed CCDA formatting, but the information was sorted slightly differently in the app.

JetBridge Screens JetBridge Screens

The early versions of Prime featured a timeline that treated each item in a medical record as a health event. User feedback was positive, but users didn't interact with their networks very much. When I switched to a design that treated health information as messages users spent more time interacting with their families.