JetBridge JetBridge

JetBridge helps managers train their teams. I was recruited by the founders to design the employee app experience and launch the product to paying customers in six months. I designed the player's experience and worked with a visual designer to create the visual style of a training app that employees loved, JetBridge sees over 85% participation rates.

JetBridge Wireframes

JetBridge's founders had many years of in-person corporate training experience which I tapped on to create the initial storyboard. This Balsamiq sketch shows the early product direction taking shape. I used a popular trivia games as a model for how to make corporate education content interesting to salespeople.

JetBridge Mockups JetBridge Mockups

The next phase of my design process was to create clickable prototypes in Keynote, test with potential users, and pitch the founders on the app experience. From there I created specifications to help developers get started.

JetBridge Screens

I partnered with a visual designer to bring JetBridge to life. The founders were originally focused on a 'dog-fight' metaphor which pitted sales people against each other. Together we convinced them that a theme revolving around world travel would be more approachable and still allow players to compete via 'races'.

JetBridge Screens

While testing prototypes I was able to remove visual clutter and interface elements that distracted from gameplay. Highlighting the question content helped players learn.

JetBridge Screens

I took JetBridge from concept to paying customers in six months and the app sees over 85% voluntary participation rates. Employees who use JetBridge spend less time reading training content and remember more information.